West Hall Self Catering offer 2 individual "Four Star Standard" Facilities; West hall Cottage and West hall Annex

Recently completed the "WEST HALL ANNEX"

A new build with three bedrooms is a must for visitors planning to come to shetland.  


offering a cost effective and high quality alternative to hotel accommodation in lerwick. we have two self catering units able to accommodate from 1 to 5 people. starting from £110.00 per night self catering

Please see our Self Catering page for details of Westhall Cottage and Westhall Annex








Why Choose West hall Cottage, and west hall annex, Self catering?

Whether you're doing business in Shetland or visiting Shetland on holiday, West Hall Self Catering's blend of quality and location provides you with the ideal base for your stay.

  • We guarantee you a high standard of self catering accommodation facilities in Lerwick
  • Its serene location promises you a peaceful night's sleep so you'll start the day refreshed.
  • Its central location just on the outskirts of Lerwick saves you time when heading out for the days activities.
  • Its gardens and views offers the perfect setting for kids to play in or for you to relax.
  • Its free wireless broadband in every room means keeping in touch with home or the office is simple.

A Fascinating History

The main house of West hall and Westhall Cottage were built in 1837 by James Greig who was Procurator Fiscal in Lerwick at the time. Since that time the main house has been known locally as "The Sheriff's Hoose". West hall cottage was originally referred to as the "offices for the big Hoose", being accommodation for the family who worked on the farm


Photograph of a pod of killer whales swimming past Westhall taken from a boat: